The serial “Lach-Roemar” is inspired by and takes place in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting that I first starting compiling back in the glorious days of First Edition.  The characters in “Lach-Roemar”, namely Sphinx and Jonath of the Battlefield, are old 1st ed. characters that I incorporated into stories long ago.  I decided to re-introduce them here primarily as a means to use “Lach-Roemar” itself as a vehicle to get me thinking about that old setting.  Now that 4th ed. has arrived on the scene, I’ve decided to evolve the setting forward and start running campaigns again.  “Lach-Roemar” is my way of re-connecting with that old setting.

Thematically, “Lach-Roemar” is meant to deviate from the standard of current High Fantasy, specifically the current literary interpretations of D&D.  I’ve chosen to borrow from the Southern Gothic style—less in the use of grotesque or even racist characterizations and more in the setting and tone—in order to play with the feel of a typical fantasy.  As such, I’ve also decided to tell the story a little tangentially, namely with the narration focusing on events after they happen—the murder of the child prosititute by Marzell (whom we never meet), the arrest and sentencing of Marzell and, lately, the confrontation between the “creature” and Sphinx, to name but a few.  Granted, this tends to leave the “good bits” out of the High Fantasy narrative (swords clashing, armorer ringing, spells hurling) but I find that this lends to a better forward movement of the story, specifically in light of the smaller, episodic lengths that I want to use here at Liber Dementia.  I hope you can agree.


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