Du Bist Im Labyrinth

Generally speaking, I prefer not to try to explain my work to the reader.  Instead, I prefer to write something without regard for the audience, leaving the reader to draw their own conclusions, questions, theories and opinions outside of “my” intent.  On the other hand, since some of my work is more experimental than others, I feel that someone uninitiated into my writing style may encounter nuances that seem odd, awkward and, possibly, annoying at best, down-right amateurish at worst.  Fair enough.

“Du Bist Im Labyrinth” is one of those pieces that I feel more or less speaks for itself.  However, the wording of the initial paragraph is intentionally tricky, attempting to draw the reader into the confusion of the character—to draw the reader into the “labyrinth” in a rudimentary nod toward narratives such as Danielewski’s House of Leaves.  Now, the only reason I’m explaining myself at all is that, for the first time reader, the first paragraph of “Du Bist Im Labyrinth” may seem awkward and amateurish—and, indeed, it may very well be—but I assure that reader that the intent was purposeful.  So please, read on.


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