Having seen the world through so many eyes, it took Karen only a moment to recognize the danger she was in. Psychic since early childhood, she had trained herself not to invade the thoughts, minds, worlds of others. Still, over the years, she’d found herself behind so many different eyes—usually before she could catch herself—that she had learned the many variations of the Reality around her.

Nothing seemed to take her by surprise any more. This was good, especially when you consider the thing that was now bounding down the narrow, dark, decay-painted hallway behind her.

Karen spun, reached out with her mind, grasped the thing charging at her, and squeezed. The thing slowed, gasped, shattered. She felt it thump to the dirty floor, causing something that had been collected in the hallway long ago to crash. In the dim light, she could see neither the thing nor the object it had so unceremoniously knocked over.

She took a deep breath and turned back to continue down the hall.

~ by liberdementia on May 23, 2009.

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