Once An Angel

To me it seemed that the very air crackled
With such electricity that the fabric of reality
Was white-hot and smelled of ozone;
Amongst the debris at my feet
Amidst the cast-off ruin of ordinary minutia
Once known to the ordinary man

A single picture frame glimmered in the electric air

A child’s cherubic face stared at me
From behind the cracked glass
Blue eyes laughing, tousled hair mocking
The air crackled again and I jumped
The frame’s already cracked glass shattering
Upon impact with my booted heel

I cursed myself for my jittery twitch, turning to face the jumbled room

Beyond the ozone, my own smell reached my nose:
Sweat, blood, leather, dirt;
Gun oil, pain, fear
Beyond that, there was only the smell
Of decay, rot and shit
The effluvia of a modern Hell

Beyond even that, there was only the sickly-sweet smell of—Don’t!

As if drunk, I began to
Make my way across the room
Stepping around broken toys, cast-off clothing
Trinkets and baubles, tarnished and faded,
Over empty wine bottles and tear-stained carpet
Past shell casings and dried blood

An acidic ichor suddenly filled my nose and a mewling hiss reached my ears

I spun, pistol raised;
It lurked behind me
Crawling through the broken doorway
Through which I had passed
Only moments before
Leaving a corpse-strewn courtyard behind

My pistol barked in my tired hand

The smell of cordite
Merged with the smell of
Blood and shit, rot and fear
It screamed, having taken
A solid hit, but continued its charge
Ignoring its pain

It hit me despite the rounds I pumped into it

Knocked backwards
Glass crunched beneath me
Plastic and metal bent and broke
Shards drove themselves
Into my back and it was now
My turn to howl in pain

It reared, evil in its red-gold eyes—and the thing that had once been an angel dove for my throat.

~ by liberdementia on February 28, 2009.

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