25 Things Meme

This 25 Things About You meme is all over the place (not only have I been tagged twice today alone, but I’ve been tagged on completely different sites for exactly the same thing).


25 Bloody Things…ah, but wait! Tonight, by dent of doing far too much homework today (and after a nice meal of salmon teryaki washed down with a concoction of pomegranate liqueur and vodka), I am an unreliable narrator. Ha. Therefore:

25 Things About 25 People Who Do Not Exist (As Far As I Know). Ahem.

1. Frances likes to skydive but is completely afraid of heights. She likes the sound of the jump-plane’s engines and the sound of the wind rushing by her body as she free falls–but she only opens her eyes when her jump partner shouts loud enough for her to do so.

2. When Pablo was in junior high, he had a crush on Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein’s Monster. Not the nerd-driven thrill of the young fan-boy (all a-twitter over the latest Star Wars novel or a trip down to the game store to drool over the new shipment of polyhedral dice) but a full-blown, make-your-self-blind, dreams of being the Monster’s nuts and bolts kind of crush.

3. Aloysius always hated the way he seemed to shuffle when he walked. No one ever mentioned it, but he would catch the reflection of himself in a shop window and he would swear it looked like a couple of guys were under his coat, doing the walking for him.

4. Steve hated the number 5. Passionately. He would refuse to write the number 5 in school and simply wrote a capital S, hoping no one would notice.

S. Lorie was seventeen when she had her daughter, Sascha, whom she failed to name after the baby’s maternal great-grandmother, Sasha Louise. Lorie, you see, was a fan of KMFDM….

6. Eric has a shrine built to Patrick Rothfuss’ ‘Name of the Wind.’ Not Rothfuss himself, but his novel. Eric keeps a copy of the book on a special, hand-made book shelf and lights a different colored candle on the shelf each night.

7. Christopher’s parents owned horses when he was a kid; he used to ride almost everyday. But as he grew older, he found he couldn’t stand the way horses smelled–he simply couldn’t tell his parents, however. As time went by, he found more and more reasons to keep from going home so as not to smell the stables at the back end of the property. Subsequently, he wasn’t around when two escaped convicts broke into his parent’s home and beat them into unconsciousness, robbing them of everything they had. Everything, that is, except the horses.

8. Jenny loves WoW but is afraid that if her boss found out, he might suspect that her poor performance reviews were due to nightly raids and a growing Red Bull addiction.

9. Scott also loves WoW and plays so much that he sleeps very little. He doesn’t really think about the ramifications of this; some of his employees’ performance reviews have been really poor, but he can’t bring himself to care.

10. Karen has a thing for collecting flashlights. All sizes, colors, styles, makes and models, she can’t get enough. She never, however, remembers to buy batteries for them. This fact alone drives her nuts.

11. Sara thinks her liquor cabinet is haunted by Spirits. She’s half correct.

12. Oliver spent a good chunk of his life as a farmer, prior to going into politics.

13. When Al was in high school, he broke into a stranger’s apartment and plastered the pages of Dickens’ ‘Bleak House’ all over the walls of the bathroom. He was never caught.

14. Becky likes to recite the lyrics to David Bowie songs to herself in the mirror for twenty minutes right before bed each night. She does this with as many lights on as she can, in the quietest voice possible and with no intonation whatsoever.

1S. John, regardless of the time of day or how long the drive, always makes sure that a Wumpscut song is blaring whenever he pulls into the parking lot at the grocery store.

16. Harris does a tarot reading before going to bed each night. If the Seven of Cups appears anywhere in the draw, he will not go to sleep–instead, he will drink copious amounts of coffee and watch the ‘Wrath of Khan’ over and over until dawn.

17. Ricki writes all of her research papers using only Wikipedia–which she also uses to help make up a bibliography that doesn’t include Wikipedia.

18. Sherrie thinks that God probably looks like Jeremy Brett.

19. Zaraern always wanted to join an acting troupe when he was younger and he attended as many shows as he could while at the academy. Yet his lot was drawn by the Battle Mage Division and he went off to war, learning to destroy the undead without hesitation–never telling any of his armor-bound companions about his theatric passion.

20. Lily haunts the basement of a tenement on 20th street–across from the new McDonalds and the skate park. She can’t leave because her remains are buried inside a bricked-over coal bin.

21. Strauss thinks that authors who write only depressing, culturally twisted things about their characters and settings are stylistically challenged and should really just stop.

22. Mike thinks that Strauss is right.

23. Marcel considers the description of crows roosting on the little cathedral in Combray pretty damned accurate.

24. Greg is really not sure what Watt saw at the train station but the description was a little scary.

2S. Dave has no desire to tag anyone because he’s like that.


~ by liberdementia on February 27, 2009.

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